Days of bliss

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5 Things That Make Skopelos Unique

Visiting Skopelos has been in our bucket list since 2007. And not because of the famous Mamma Mia movie that was filmed there only one year later, but because this was the year we had our first daughter Regina. If that does not ring any bells to you it is probably because you haven’t heard that the protector saint of the island and very highly honored among the locals is a saint of the early church named St. Reginos – also protector saint of our daughter. Every other person on  ...

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Rigas Hotel – Skopelos

So here we are in the last days of Easter holidays. I cannot believe it is over already. It was only yesterday morning that we lazily sipped our coffee in Skopelos and what a bliss these slow days have been. I will be writing soon for that trip, but for now I want to give you a peak at the hotel that hosted us for these past 4 days, Rigas Hotel of Spyrou Philoxenia Group that you might remember from our trip to Pelion. Before describing any of it’s beautiful features I want to point  ...

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Savoring the Seasons in Pelion

As spring is pleasantly coming in this is going to be a big farewell post for the past winter. Each season we make it a goal to take some days off and find the time to feel/ smell/ breath-in everything the season has to give. If we are really lucky we also get some quiet time to read favorite books within that period. If you have not tried reading words of wisdom out in the nature you are really missing out on one of life’s bigger joys. It seems like wisdom is infused much better in  ...

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Where to Eat in Pelion

Pelion is one of those places that you can visit again and again for many times and in different seasons and still not feel worn out of it. This past winter we had the honor to visit Pelion once again for a fam trip with the team of Travel Bloggers Greece and what a great opportunity it was for us to reconnect with this place, enjoy some old & trusted restaurants and learn of new interesting places. Here I present you with a list of all the places we visited and enjoyed during our trip.  ...

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