Where to Eat in Pelion

Pelion is one of those places that you can visit again and again for many times and in different seasons and still not feel worn out of it. This past winter we had the honor to visit Pelion once again for a fam trip with the team of Travel Bloggers Greece and what a great opportunity it was for us to reconnect with this place, enjoy some old & trusted restaurants and learn of new interesting places. Here I present you with a list of all the places we visited and enjoyed during our trip.

Kritsa Gastronomy Hotel & Restaurant in Portaria

We may have never stayed in their hotel, but this is a restaurant we visit again and again since our kids where toddlers, a time when we looked for something as close to home cooked as possible. Their quality of food is amazing, their ingredients locally selected and I love the fact that their menu is frequently updated with new recipes. An interesting surprise waiting for us in Pelion every time. We love their Rooster in wine with tomato sauce & pasta and it is a always a must-have in our orders. This time as it was freezing cold we had the hot pumpkin soup with galotyri (a cheese that combines feta with milk) -a perfect choice really- and a variety of grilled sausages & kebab. Do note that is not only a family friendly restaurant but also a bike friendly one. You can rent a bike just outside the shop and be guided for a perfect place to picnic. Finally be ready to write a traditional, old fashioned post card to someone you love while waiting for your order to get ready. The people of the restaurant will make sure that it will be delivered through snail mail free of cost for you. An adorable detail to remember.

Lepi for Tsipouro

Every well informed traveler knows that when coming or leaving Pelion one just has to make a stop in Volos for Tsipouro. It is tradition. The shops offering this choice are oh-so-many but I think I might have found the best of them for you. It is Lepi, named after the Greek word for fish flake. Apart from the beautiful boat-resembling interior of the shop, this is the place where all you have to worry about is how much tsipouro you want to drink. For each round of drinks the chef decides the course and combination of plates -mainly including seafood-  that will be brought to your table. It goes without saying that you can deny a plate once it arrives if there are health or taste related issues involved and it will then be happily replaced by another.


 O Patis Tavern in Milies

This is the traditional Greek tavern that offers mainly grilled meat including the infamous Greek kokoretsi and meze (variety of starters). As these are not really our favorite kind of dishes we indulged with great joy in the traditional Tsitsiravla, a variety of greens that you can only find in Pelion and are deliciously served with lemon. We also enjoyed a lot the vintage and moody decor of this place.

So there you have it! A good list of nice places to eat.

Here you can find more on touring and staying in Pelion.

If you know of any more interesting places do let us know and expand this list.

Discalimer: We kindly thank all of the above restaurants for welcoming us as their guests and giving us the freedom to write our personal and unbiased opinion to our audience.

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