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Summer Memories

Summer is the weekend of the year.

The most fun season of all. This past summer has been really good on us and I want to journal here the list of all things fun that we did to keep them alive for the years to come. I do dream that one day my kids will be adults and will come back here to read and remember our little moments. Let alone that I myself keep reading old posts and get a bit sentimental about them – yes! embarrassed too that I ever posted those things.

So this was the summer that:

  • We slept half a night on the beach after stargazing, cuddling and talking to exhaustion (the other half we had to save our lives from the mosquitoes that were literally tearing us apart)
  • We took the kids to the circus for the first time – an ambivalent experience in all honesty
  • We went for rafting down a beautiful river in Peloponnese –Lousios. Our Marina was the smallest kid to raft Lousio without losing balance, falling in the river or being scared as the experts told us. So proud of her!
  • We lived in a house on the top of a mountain for 2 days. I think my lungs had oxygen overflow enough to last the winter.
  • We joined one of those feasts in a village where the table is so long in order to accommodate all the people that one cannot even see the other end of it
  • We lived in a remote and unplugged village of Greece for another 3 days with no packed schedule – admittedly i forced this one on myself and dear husband, but it was worth it
  • We started making our own homemade waffles and it became a new Saturday morning ritual
  • We ate huge amounts of pizza with beloved friends in our bloomed yard, under the new [made-by-yours-truly] pendant string lights (sorry for harassing you with those in Instagram, but I really loved this project)
  • We spend endless hours at the beach
  • And we worked our butt off
  • The above two occasionally happened during the same day, which felt weird and insane. Especially when picking up clients’ calls with the sound of waves at the background -oops!

Hopefully there will be posts for each of the above in the days to come, unless we get run over by work again [ah the life in after-crisis-Greece]

Autumn here in our small village 🙂 is such a bliss.

The beaches are calm again. We reclaim a neighborhood that has been shared for 3 months with people from all over the world. The year officially starts now and not in January. New plans, new strategy for our work, new classes for the kiddos —> New Sparkly Dreams.

I had been waiting for this fresh start so dearly. I also geared up properly as I found the perfect slippers for down time AND adventure: the Mahabis slippers. In order to enjoy the comfort of home when traveling, I always pack a pair of slippers in my bags. For a long time I kept looking for something lightweight that could be used both inside and outdoors and I found it. If you are not familiar with this brand I highly recommend that you look into it. The soles are removable and you can put them on for light outdoor use or detach them for the inside. You also get a big variety of colors to change through the seasons and there is a choice between summer or winter edition, but for the weather of Greece I could not even think of choosing the winter edition. Can’t wait to travel with them this winter.

How is your Autumn friends?



  1. Christiana Anastassiou

    09/24/2017 at 4:43 pm

    Great post. I have just found your blog through instagram.
    Greetings from Cyprus. Btw our Summer was pretty much the same (Except the rafting part).
    Christiana (@becreativechristiana)

  2. Efi

    09/26/2017 at 9:59 pm

    One of the most beautiful summer wrap ups I’ve read ❤

  3. My Little World

    09/27/2017 at 10:14 pm

    Τι όμορφες εικόνες Μαριάννα μου και ποσο ωραία πράγματα κάνατε! Και του χρόνου με υγεία να ξαναπερασετε τόσο όμορφα! Όσο για τα παπουτσακια/ παντοφλακια ειναι σούπερ! Καλό φθινόπωρο!

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