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Our interview in Hype Magazine

Anyone who’s taken a wonder through Days of Bliss knows that we love Greece and that we’re passionate about advocating its countless beauties.

So when we were asked by Hype Magazine – Holiday Hypermarkets UK travel blog – for an interview about our beautiful homeland, we jumped at the opportunity! After all, who could possibly be better qualified to give the inside scoop on what Greece has to offer than us?
During our interview we chatted about everything from our favorite activities and destinations not to be missed to how to find the best secret eateries. For the full interview head over to the Holiday Hypermarket blog.
Here’s a little snippet:

Greece is well known for sun, sea and sand. But what would you say to travelers looking to visit in
the cooler months?
I would say that winter is as amazing in Greece, as summer. For one, the climate does not allow
harsh winters, and autumns feel like summers do in England.

In the winter you can find 7 beautiful
ski resorts at a cost much lower than the ones in Italy or France.

 And if you are looking to combine
winter sports with wellness vacations you can visit the Northern area of Almopia with the famous
Pozar thermal springs next to Kaimaktsalan ski resort with it’s luxury chalet.

There are loads of great places to visit in Europe, what makes Greece special?

Some say that Greece is a small miniature of the world. Travelers can choose among a wide range of different morphology sites to visit: rivers, mountains, forests, islands, castles.

In Greece you will find so many different islands – 227 to choose from. Each one has a unique character and natural landscape.

Food is super healthy here. You can find old-school recipes next to super trendy restaurants with surprising twists on those same recipes. Each place in Greece has unique products and dishes to serve.

Even if someone wants to keep costs low, they still can find a stand of fresh fruits & vegetables and a decent savory souvlaki that will keep them stuffed for the whole day.

Greece is a place where the majority of youngsters hold a university degree. Add that to the traditional Philoxenia (hospitality) and you have an interesting sort of tribe.

You can expect to have passionate conversations on politics after the biggest party on the beach, or with a random elder sitting next to you in kafeneio (coffee shop).

We can’t recommend visiting Greece enough! We think everyone deserves to experience its
treasures. Learn about our favorite places to stay in Greece here.

Find the rest of our interview in Holiday Hypermarket blog.


  1. Craftlandgr

    02/14/2018 at 7:42 pm

    Συγχαρητήρια Μαριάννα μου!!! Υπέροχη η συνέντευξη και σίγουρα θα εμπνεύσεις πολλούς να έρθουν στην Ελλάδα!!!

  2. Callie Kigitzi

    02/15/2018 at 12:10 pm

    Μπράβο Μαριάννα! Σπουδαία δουλειά για την προώθηση της Ελλάδας και του ελληνικού τουρισμού.

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