About Us

Hello and welcome to this little corner of the net.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of “Days of Bliss – The Travel Blog”, you will find a family of six: Anastasios, Marian and their four children.

You can get to know us better in the video below that was made in Hydra, Greece.

How it all started

Days of Bliss first started as a 365 project of taking one picture for every day of the year and thus counting the blessings of everyday life through photos.

As that project came to an end, Getty Images selected Bliss as a stock image contributor for the high quality of it’s photography and at the same time started the first proposals for more professional photo shoots with families and babies. The blog continues to count blessings since then.


  • What camera equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 6D with my favorite 50mm lens most of the times. I also have a 24-105mm lens to switch.

  • Do you edit your photos? What tools do you use?

I usually shoot in natural light and then edit my photos in Lightroom. On very rare occasions I use Photoshop too. From the tools available online I love canva.com

  • What camera bag do you use?

I do not use a camera bag as I love my girly personal bags. I use an insert for which I have written everything in detail here.

  • Can I book a photo session with you?

Yes. You can contact me in daysofbliss365@gmail.com to arrange the details. Just please make sure to book your session in advance as I can only offer a limited amount of photo sessions per month in order to keep up with the rest of my family and work activities.

  • Which place in Greece is the most kid friendly to visit?

This is probably the most difficult question I am asked recently. There really is not a single answer to that. Greece is a kid-friendly destination in terms of rich natural surroundings and cultural/educational opportunities as well as it’s top quality local food. Everything else varies depending on the ages and interests of your children and family.


All pictures displayed here are very loved and all reminders of true blessings in our life, so please do not try to copy one without permission.

If you wish to buy a photo please contact me directly in this address daysofbliss365@gmail.com

I will be happy if you stumble upon something that will “make your day” or make yourself feel blessed,
…and much happier if you shared it here in the comments!