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Authentic Slow Living In a Mansion of Peloponnese

It almost sounds funny talking about slow living right in the start of the school year, since nothing is slow anymore, but these few days spent living in the peaceful rhythm of a village up on the mountains were so worth it that they keep us rolling until now. All it took was 3 days of clearing our minds from everything and staying disconnected from wifi or even technology. So let me tell you all about this place with-no-wifi-at-all. The place really exists. This summer we got a work  ...

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Summer Memories

Summer is the weekend of the year. The most fun season of all. This past summer has been really good on us and I want to journal here the list of all things fun that we did to keep them alive for the years to come. I do dream that one day my kids will be adults and will come back here to read and remember our little moments. Let alone that I myself keep reading old posts and get a bit sentimental about them – yes! embarrassed too that I ever posted those things. So this was the summer  ...

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7 most beautiful things about Milan

Happy September friends! Are you ready and organized for back-to-school mode yet? I am definitely not. I am very happy we reached this time of year again but definitely far from ready. It has been such a weird summer for us here. Probably the most work-loaded summer of our recent years. July was a big [hot] mess when juggling kids and work in the same space almost killed our sanity and up until the blissful feast of August 15th we were pretty sure that we would not manage to leave our base  ...

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My first ever Thai Massage

This summer I had my very first Thai Massage and what a bliss it was. I want to share everything about it and most importantly I have a gift waiting for you at the bottom of this post in case you also want to have your first Thai experience. But first things first. If you, like me have no clue as to what is the difference between any other massage and Thai massage, then this info-graphic will clear everything out for you. At least it did for me. Thai massage is one you can do with clothes  ...

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